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How We Got Started

We bought the piece of land adjoining our home in 2018. After the first summer harvesting hay, we knew we wanted to share the space with some animals and stumbled upon Alpacas at the county show, it was love at first sight.

After doing some research we attended a husbandry course at Mullacot Alpacas in North Devon and our alpaca adventure started shortly after in 2019. At the time we did not know where this adventure would take us but we soon found that owning Alpacas is somewhat addictive.

Our first three pregnant females came from the lovely Carla and Andre of Urcuchillay in Glastonbury. We had to learn fast as the next spring we had the arrival of our first girl Lea, a stunning light brown followed by a boy Ziggy a solid white.

The field started to look more lively and we noticed that the animals are much happier within a bigger herd (still only 5).

As Ziggy, one of the crias was male, we had to look into getting a companion for him, it was a good excuse to purchase a female with a male cria at foot. Alpacas are herd animals and don't do well kept alone.

​More Alpacas, how exciting! 

We quickly split the fields with more fencing and got ready for the new arrivals.​The dynamic in the paddock changes with every new arrival and changes to housing and grouping need to be considered. 


Oak View Layzeee Dayzee and Phileas arrived a couple of month before weaning time. ​Dayzee, has great genetics behind her and a super soft fleece and Phileas is looking promising too.


And so the story goes on...

For me, the best place in the world is sitting in the field and being nuzzled by these wonderful curious, gentle animals smelling somewhat like popcorn.

We have now got a herd of fifteen with more crias on the way. After a visit to an alpaca fibre production company, I have been inspired to create my own product and make use of all that this beautiful animals has to offer. I hope to get enough fleeces together to make them into soft long lasting sustainable clothing but until then I have added some products to my shopping area. These are all products from suppliers that support local communities. 


We will be entering a selection of halter and fleece shows and are looking forward to connecting with other alpaca lovers.

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